Shopify Plus is one of the best and most popular scalable software on the market. Read and discover what can Shopify Plus offer to your online store!
When it comes to ecommerce solutions, the online retailers are having a lot of troubles choosing the right one. It can be really hard to find a great platform that perfectly meets your business needs.
Shopify Plus is one of the best, most popular, and reliable scalable software solutions on the market. In this article, we will discuss Shopify Plus features and what can the Shopify scalable software do for your online business
Shopify Plus is Shopify’s cloud-based solution that competes with Magento and Salesforce (two great ecommerce solutions). It processes billions of dollars a year and it is perfect for businesses with growing ecommerce stores. With its newest introduction of multi-channel capabilities, Shopify Plus is popular for businesses that are new to the online retail world. After all, Shopify is a less complex solution and it is completely suitable for enterprises and large businesses.
One of the best Shopify Plus features is its relatively low price tag. If you compare Shopify with other ecommerce solutions on the market, you will discover that it doesn’t require too much out of its users. Shopify Plus varies in price, however, we did a little research and discovered that the average price is $1500-2000 a month. There are no added transaction fees which make it a pretty good deal.
Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth with scalable SaaS or Software-as-a-Service web hosting meaning you can count on a flexible, supported, and reliable solution that has the capability to process 8000 orders per minute and over 500K hits per minute with 200TB storage. There are no extra hosting expenses. There are also advanced API that allows merchants to integrate with all kinds of systems.
One thing that Shopify couldn’t offer that Shopify Plus definitely can is the ability to provide adaptable and stylish layouts that are responsive. The retails can easily customize any theme including changing the header and footer menus, the homepage layout, the color formatting, and etc. Another great thing is that Shopify Plus allows for a full SCC and JavaScript control so you can cater to every one of your customers’ needs.
Like a reliable enterprise, Shopify Plus uses the same domain checkout with CSS/SCSS and liquid code capabilities. This is probably the most notable upgrade from Shopify.
If you are a huge fan of sales and you like the stress that comes with accepting and processing a thousand transactions at one, we have good news for you – Shopify Plus does too! We would like to introduce you to Launchpad which is the latest feature for Shopify Plus users and it is designed for sales and product launches. It allows users to schedule different adjustments to their store to run with the start or end of the event. You can schedule product pricing, theme-level changes, inventory and per-channel visibility, event-specific creative content, and etc.
Shopify Plus has a partnership with over 1100 application developers from all over the world. These apps are all verified by the Shopify team and some of the most popular apps include features like Inventory Management, Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service, Discounts & Special Offers, and etc.
Now that you know more about Shopify’s Plus features and you know exactly what can this scalable ecommerce solution do for your online store, we hope you are one step closer to making the right choice and choosing an enterprise solution that is best for you.
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Thanks Shopify is a less complex solution and is completely suitable for my company as it is one of the most recognized and is positioned in the market.

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