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Shopify Plus Scalable Software: Pricing & Costs Involved

What is the annual cost for running a Shopify Plus store? What is the total cost of using Shopify Plus scalable software? Read and find out!


For sellers of any size, from new retail stores up to enterprise-level businesses, moving to a new ecommerce platform can be a challenging and daunting process. Aside from the fact that you need to ensure the new platform is reliable and secure, the sellers need to also understand and calculate all of the expenses that will be incurred.

Some of the costs will be presented up front and some of them will be ongoing and regular costs that need to be planned properly.

In this article, we will discuss the costs involved in moving to Shopify Plus scalable software and we hope that the sellers will consider a move to this platform.

We will use an example of a mid-level Shopify Plus project and say that you have around 1000 products, one warehouse, one currency, and 1 or 2 straight-forward integrations. The average cost for using Shopify Plus scalable software is from $60.000 to $200.000 a year. The annual licensing cost starts at $24.000 a year, the BAU development cost is around $36.000 a year, the expenses of the third-party services are around $7.000 a year, and the app costs are around $250 per month or $30.000 a year.

So, the first year Shopify Plus cost is from $130.000 to $270.000 while three year Shopify Plus cost of ownership is from $270.000 to $410.600. This cost excludes the payment gateways which are definitely more favorable if you use the Shopify Payments option.

The pricing for this scalable ecommerce platform is based on trading and usage volumes. As Shopify Plus is a fully hosted ecommerce solution, this seems pretty reasonable as the more active your online store is, the more bandwidth and resources your store is using.

When speaking with smaller stores and merchants about Shopify Plus, they have been usually unsure on the ecommerce plan because of the cost. However, if you compare this platform with Magento Enterprise you will discover that the costs are lower in terms of hosting fees, maintenance costs, updates, and etc.

Shopify Plus includes multi-channel options which can reduce costs. It also has its own POS solution, as well as, integrated solutions for selling via eBay, Facebook, and Amazon which can save a lot of time.

We hope this breakdown of the usual costs related to using the Shopify Plus scalable software will leave potential sellers with a clearer idea of what is included.

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